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We take care of and care for your property

We take care of and care for your property

Facility Management

We manage the daily operations of Your Properties.

We make sure that the properties keep a good standard of repair, security, cleaning and functionality according to the specific agreements of Your contract.

We are the first point of contact towards the tenants.


NPM also follow up on contractual obligations and the demarcation list.

We currently manage properties for Home Properties, Anker Properties and Skyfall.

On behalf of the property owner, we take responsibility for

  • Budgeting annual maintenance costs.
  • Creating 5 year plans for property maintenance and Development.
  • Performing complete permission registration of properties.
  • Maintaining updated property information & FDV documentation.
  • Making sure authorities access adequate documentaion.
  • Assisting in DD processes in connection with acquisition or sale.
  • Full commitment implementation and project management of planned and/or unplanned projects and maintenance.
  • Full Hand Over with final documentation.

Technical Due Diligence

NPM help minimize uncertainty in the processes of buying and selling. Through a Technical Due Diligence process, we offer support in the decision process.

Due Diligence is a systematic review to verify the assumptions that underlie the valuation of a company, normal in an acquisition context.

NPM review and analyze the property through a complete property analysis, in addition to reviewing the regulatory requirements, service reports, documentation and other requirements of the property.


Property analysis

We deliver complete property analysis.

The analysis is performed throughout the lifecycle of the property at all levels- new construction – operations – upgrade/maintenance/rehabilitation – demolition – new construction.

We base our work on NS 3424 on the analysis level 1. If necessary, we go deeper into the material for analysis levels 2 and 3.

The benefits of a complete and unified analysis of the properties are;


  • Over time
  • Between buildings
  • Regardless of the actor
  • Measuring performance of periodic maintenance

In addition to the registration of technical condition, we offer analysis of the property regarding environment, functionality, aesthetics and energy consumption. Every property analysis is finished with a final report.