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We help You increase the value
of Your properties

We help You increase the value of Your properties

Property Management

We manage and develop properties with the aim to increase the value and profitability of Your real estate and hotel properties.

We take responsibility for and make sure that your properties are held in the best possible condition and that the tenants are satisfied.

Working with us, You’ll have a passionate team with extensive knowledge, experience and a deep understanding of how these values are created.

Are You in need of someone to help You ensure high quality of Your properties?



We offer full service packages as well as tailored solutions within Asset Management, focusing on optimizing, development and improvement of assets and resources.

We take care of everything from finance and reporting, to monitoring and rent negotiations. In addition, we also offer development projects implementatiion and technical maintenance.

Our expertise is hotel property managment and other real estate development projects.

What we do

  • Management & development of hotel properties
  • Procurement
  • Operation- & Revenue perspective
  • Visability Studies
  • Energy management
  • Maintenance
  • Contracts (management and rent negotiations)
  • Financial issues (budgeting, reporting, invoice processing, accounting)
  • Inspections (fire, ventilation, elevators and such)